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Lutz Pumps | Lutz Pump : Lutz Non-Flammable Drum Pumps

Non Flammable : Lutz Pumps are industry leader in drum and container pumps. Lutz drum and container pumps are used to handle aggressive and corrosive liquids in drums, containers and other vessels. They are ideal for handling acids and alkalis, mineral oil products, and of course equally well suited for neutral fluids.

Hazardous Duty : Lutz Pumps are ideal for hazardous locations. Lutz products are explosion-proof and provide optimal protection when handling easily inflammable, combustible material and when working in potentially explosive environments. They comply with the two fold North American safety certification according to UL (USA) and cUL (Canada)


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Lutz Pumps B 28
Pumps B 36/ MI 4
Pumps MD-1 (Ex)/ MD-2 (Ex)
B2 Vario PP-SL
B2 Vario SS-SL
Acids and Base solutions
Highly Corrosive Acids
Flammables, Hazardous Locations
Lutz Pumps B2 Vario B2 Vario
SL-HC 42
MMS/MSL-SS 41 Ex for flammable liquids
SL-HC 42 Ex for flammable liquids
Hazardous Duty
Lutz Pumps B2 AdBlue®/DEF
MP-PP for mixing and pumping
MP-SS for mixing and pumping
MP-SS Ex for mixing and pumping
B70V-SR 12.1 and 25.1
B70V-SR 50.1
B70V-D/DA 12.1 and 25.1
B70V-D/DA 25.2 and 50.1
B70V-D 75.1
B70V 120.1
Viscous Liquid
B70V-H-SR Sanitary 12.1 and 25.1
B70V-H-SR Sanitary 50.1
Flow Meter & Control
Flow meter TR 90
TS Series
HDO Series
Flow Control System
Flow Meter & Control
Parts Accessories & Distributor
Why Drum and Container Pumps?
Sealing System
Type Of Impeller
Complete Drum Drainage.
Mixing and Pumping MP
Knowledge Base

About Lutz Pumps:

The Lutz pumps are ideally suited for emptying thin bodied liquids from canisters, cans and drums. The small immersion tube diameter makes it possible to empty even narrow-necked vessels safe and easy.

Burt Process Equipment is the leading supplier and distributor of Lutz Pumps. Our support team is trained to help with all of your Lutz Pumps specific needs.

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